2 Ways Facebook Places can change mobile games

by Jeff Ramos on August 20, 2010 · 8 comments

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If Facebook allows indie game devs to use their technology, social check in games and alternate reality game devs can have access to 500 million users. This could be big! In this video, I discuss just some of the ways game devs could use this service.

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  • http://twitter.com/lilikka Lilikka

    While I do think the idea of Places is pretty rad, the elimination of privacy is a worry for me. If you’ve got your home address listed there, Facebook will assume your house is a place to check in and will list it publicly, regardless of how you have your other settings set. If there were someway that Facebook would loosen this up, I’d be way more excited about it, but as it stands, I really don’t see myself using anything that would utilize Places.

    • http://www.gameculturalist.com/ Game Culturalist

      That’s a good point!

      Another major concern is being able to tag friends which I KNOW most people will not like.

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  • Aous

    Another great idea for mobile games.

  • numan

    Your idea of ARG using places data is interesting. What are some interesting ARG games I can play right now?

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